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Efecto del suministro de glutamato exógeno sobre el inicio de la pubertad en cabras: I. niveles séricos de insulina / Effect of exogenous glutamate supply on the onset of puberty in goats: I. serum leveles of insulin

Revista: Tropical an Subtropical Agroecosystems       Año: 2009      Vol.: 193      Número: 196

Dr. César Alberto Meza Herrera (Autor)
Dr. Ricardo Trejo Calzada (Autor)
M. Torrres Moreno (Autor)
A. González Bulnes (Autor)


Glutamate, the main neuroexcitatory amino acid of the central nervous system has a marked stimulatory effect on the reproductive axis in mammals. Precocious puberty occurs in response to glutamate administration in several mammals. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of exogenous glutamate supply upon the onset of puberty and possible links" to changes in serum insulin levels in prepuberal goats. The study was carried out in northern Mexico at the Southern Goat Research Unit, URUZA-UACH (260 NL, 103° WL, 1,117 m altitude), from June to September. Three-month-old 7/8 Saanen-Lx Criollo goats (n=18) were fed a diet formulated to met 120% of their nutritional requirements, adjusted for live weight (LW). Both LW and body condition score (BCS) were registered every 15 days prior to feeding. In June, goats were randomly allocated to two experimental groups: 1). Excitatory amino acids (AA, n=10; 16.52±1.04 kg, 3.4±0.12 BCS) and 2). Control, (CC, n=8; 16.l±1.04 kg, 3.1±0.12 BCS). The AA group received an intravenous infusion of 7 mg kg" LW of L-glutamate, while the C group received saline. From mid-June to late September, blood samples were obtained from a-l1goáts once a week, to asses P4, by RlA. Goats with serum P4 levels 2: 1 ng mL-1 in two consecutive blood samples were considered reproductively active,( onset of puberty). Comparisons between groups for both LW and BCS were made using ANOVA-CRD. Percentage of goats depicting or not ovarian activity was tested with a Xi2 analysis. The initial averages for LW and BCS were 16.65± 1.04 kg, and 3.31±0.12 units, with no differences (P>0.05) between treatments. Goats in the AA group showed earlier (P<0.05) onset of puberty (6.9±0.8 vs. 7.5±1.0 moths of age) than control goats, and presented a greater (P<0.05) response in ovarian activity (70% vs 25%). The overall average for serum insulin levels (INS) was 1.2 ng mL-1 with no differences between treatments (P>0.50). In addition, serum insulin concentrations were not associated with onset of puberty in the glutamate-supplemented-goats. Therefore, establishment of puberty in goats seems to involve an insulin-independent mechanism for regulating the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-ovarian axis function in peripuberal goats.


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Sistemas Pecuarios: Producción de caprinos,

Palabras claves: punerty, insulin.

Keywords: Goats, glutamate, progesterone.

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